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Some interesting team stats from the SEC web site...I assume they have quite a few fairly solid hitters there who job description is to mash...I hope the sarcasm is clear!!

Missouri - AB's - 1126 Extra base hits - 99

S Carolina AB- 1097 EX hits 87

Tenn - 1056 and 81

A&M 1187 and 106

Vandy 1157 and 95

Bama 1076 and 87

Ark - 1166 99

Auburn 1146 and 90

Florida 1083 and 76

GA 1133 and 84

Kentucky 1115 and 117

LSU 1150 and 96

Ole' Miss - 1060 and 75

MSU 1187 and 109

less then 10% of AB's are hits are for extra bases...but you can find "loads" and "tons" of 14u's who are driving it deep - those dumb asses in the SEC should really start recruiting better...again I hope the sarcasm is clear!


Jeez...  this is frustrating.  Here is my direct quote:

There are tons of 14's who can hit the ball 350-400. Let's just take the low end of that. 350 feet is 90mph of exit velo. That translates to about low to mid 80's off the tee. Look at showcase results. There are a good number of kids who can do that

WHO CAN being key here.  The raw ability to do so.  It has to be developed to show up occasionally in game. At no point in time ever did I even remotely suggest there are 14's by the ton hitting 400 foot home runs IN GAME left and right.  Never 

By the way do they have any good pitchers in the SEC?  Whose job it is to keep the hitters from elevating? I hope my sarcasm is clear. 

I think it's arguing semantics here. The definition of CAN is at the heart of it. I'll accept your idea the 90 mph of exit velo = 350', although I've never looked into it. My point would be that mid-80s off of a tee doesn't mean you CAN hit a pitched ball any certain distance. I have big, strong football players at my school who could likely square a ball up off of a tee at 90+ mph, but would struggle to make contact in BP. 

If your argument it that a lot of 14 yo can achieve 85+ mph off of a tee I don't think I would argue that (although again, I don't know a lot of numbers for 14 yo exit velocity). But to me does not mean they can hit a pitched ball 400', and I don't believe its due to how the swing plane is coached. Same way the track kid who can run an 11.00 100m CAN still a lot of bases, but in reality gets picked off 75% of the time. 


But the CAN.  I don't disagree with the spirit of what you are saying though. So that's the key - you have the ability or would the word potential work better for you guys?  Now the question is can you carry it over to the game. And that my friend is the key.  That is why we have to work to groove that swing and smooth it out. And then accept some just will never be good enough.