Monday, 2/15 for POPTIME Evaluation and Training

Schools are closed on Monday, 2/15 for POPTIME Evaluation and Training at the BIG SHOW.

Three groups/ three times:

  • Monday, 2/15 10am FastPitch
  • Monday, 2/15 Noon Baseball (less than 90ft diamond)
  • Monday, 2/15 2pm Baseball (90ft diamond)



POPTIME. A scout will time a catcher's throw to second base by starting his stopwatch as the ball hits the catcher's glove and stopping it when the ball is caught at second base ("pop to pop" time). High school catchers poptime can be about 2.5, decreasing to 2.1 in college.


PopTime is comprised of three components; release, velocity and accuracy.

  1. Release is challenging to adapt (slightly less than half of POPTIME at 2/5ths).
  2. Velocity is challenging to attain if you do not naturally have it (slightly more than half of POPTIME at 3/5ths).
  3. Accuracy will be achieved through good mechanics and practice.


Decreasing PopTime is a catcher's life long ambition. Catcher Coach Rick Straub has been working on it for over 50 years!!! See how his RAPID RELEASE method will improve any catchers poptime by focusing on your release.


POPTIME Evaluation and Training:

  • Each catcher will be take 5-10 throws; analyzed and measured (Before)
  • TRAINING SESSIONS on receiving, transferring, and throwing; stressing/ practicing proper footwork & arm mechanics
  • Each catcher will be take 5-10 throws; analyzed and measured (After)






Measure/ analyze Throw



Training: Quick release from ready stance



Training: Accuracy from proper mechanics



Measure/ analyze Throw




1 ½ hours $75


Each catcher will receive an emailed Evaluation report; analyzing strengths/ weaknesses and recommendations, including the before/ after release times. Parents and coaches are encouraged to video their catchers throughout the 1 ½-hour session.


Enroll in advance to receive two free eBooks: BASEBALL CATCHERS GUIDE (courtesy of a copy of one of my eBooks.; Advanced Catching Techniques-or- Catching4Kids – small targets.


Contact me at 410-696-4757-or- with any questions.

Individual and Group instruction also available. Visit my website:

Check out the June 15th edition of PRESSBOX.

BIG SHOW…..1702 Back Acre Circle….. Mount Airy, MD 21771

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