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Reply to "Moneyball/Sabermetrics"

First, I reccomend reading the book...or atleast skimming the book. If you have a copy and dont want to read the whole thing, I can tell you which chapters are most important.

Sabermetricians argue that a college baseball player's chance of MLB success is far and away higher than a traditional high school draft pick. Additionally, sabermetricians maintain that high draft picks spent on high school prospects, regardless of talent or physical potential as evaluated by traditional scouting, are as good as wasted.

Also, sabermetric practicioners like Billy Beane or J.P. Riccardi give much less credence to body-type, general athleticism etc. etc.

- On Base % is more important than Batting Average
- Steals generally are useless because the risk outweighs the reward.

I can exactly remember the exact principle, but I'll re-post after I re-read it. Whatever it is, Chad Bradford the reliever is the poster-boy for it..I remember that.

That sabermetrics is the end-all and be-all...and there is only one way to do it.
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