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Reply to "My son recently was contact my agent/advisor"

Originally Posted by J H:

I wish I knew who my team is going to draft in the 25-27 rounds. This advisor is way ahead of us!



EDIT: I wish we knew who we are going to draft in ANY round! 



Yeah I just love those guys who must carry around crystal balls in their back pockets! 


My pet peeve is the lessor known advisor/ agent who says he talks regularly to the organizations about his players.


My son has worked with a guy who knows most everyone in this business and he tells son you never really know what they are thinking!


This is how those smaller guys make their money, preying on players who will be later round picks who will buy into their excitement and give up a part of their meager bonus.


Good advisors/agents don't contact players who will be 25-27 round picks.