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And told us that he was going to be drafted in the 25-27 round he is a 2014 draft prospect. Would this agent know something like this, I mean would he have access to that kind of information. Any info would help?

FWIW, he was given answers to this question.


No one knows in march who or where they will be drafted.  To get a better idea of where the player falls in relation to 2014, where does the player fall within the national rankings and then on his state level?  Most of you only see a very small portion of the population that could be considered within your area.  where does the player fall on a national level?


Asking a question than coming back with your own answer seems to be the typical response these days from a lot of new websters.  If one would doubt the answers, why bother asking? 

Because an agent represents some big names has no relation to where or if the player will be drafted (especially out of HS).  Perhaps the advisor is trying to establish a future relationship, that could be possible, why not just go with the flow, it is way too early. A good advisor that sees future potential in a HS player will most likely tell the player to go to college first.

Where did the 2014 sign to go to college? Big baseball program, D2, D3 or a JUCO?

Problem is that scouts show up and the player gets some calls from an agent or two and the parents see $$ signs.

Do your homework, there is plenty here to read as in over the internet about HS players getting drafted out of HS in later rounds.



If you can provide better info than given here, than send the parent/player a pm with your advice.