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Reply to "NCAA Transfer Rule Changes Possible/Probable/Impossible?"

Picked Off posted:

Buckeye 2015,

NCAA transfer rules only benefit the school. When a young recurit signs a NLI to play at a top DI program they aren't thinking about transferring. Top DI coaches are already recuritng your replacement before/when you are signing. Some coaches are men of character, but most aren't. It's a business, but when a better looking player shows up, they toss aside that kid that did everything he was asked to do and comitted too when he signed his NLI. If you're a stud, and most aren't, it's a little different. 

If a player gets asked to move along because he's 3 deep and JC guys are coming in as well, he should be allowed to go DI to DI. That coach is just looking for his scholarship money or to open a slot for the 28 man roster.

Regarding JC transfers, every top DI has them. Those coaches hope that JC transfer takes a spot away from a kid that's been there for two years. It's called competetion.

I get it, the NCAA doesn't want players jumping from team to team. But under certain conditions, it should be allowed. The NCAA says it's about graduation, that's BS. I've seen stud players only take the weakest classes, minimum of credits, knowing that they are only trying to stay eligiable to get drafted. Never planning on graduation.

I can assure that being released from a team is devastating to a kid that has lived up to his end of the deal, but the coach hasn't done the same. Might be a little different if the rules were changed, but I'm not holding my breath. is every spot on the team.....and every job in life after they are out of school.  I guess my last post sounded wrong.  I don't have a problem with Juco kids coming in.  They can only get 2 years of school at a JUCO....and transfer to D1 for the last 2 (and obviously baseball).   I would never question a kid moving up from Juco to D1 because he is also getting a D1 education.  Guys transferring for baseball reasons is a different story.  It's not necessary. My son is at a D1, albeit not a P5.  They brought in 2 Juco kids this year.  They actually asked my son to take a reduction in scholarship money to help out.  He declined the offer    One of the 2 ended up being their starting....the other started 5 or 6 games but by year end was getting a couple AB's a week....and likely won't return.  The kid came in.....and I think actually forced a couple of the current kids to work harder knowing he was there to take their position.  They beat him out.  The JUCO kid came in knowing there were no guarantees....just like the current kids did coming out of HS.   Bottom line....if you work hard and can're going to play.  If you can't, you won't.  Funny thing is, and now that my son is a junior I see it every day......freshmen seem to think that "oh, I was recruited and I'm on I'll start or play a lot".   Guess what....there are 3 years of kids ahead of you who are probably bigger, stronger and faster.    Most kids don't go into their freshman year of HS saying "Oh, I was the best 8th I'll beat out the Seniors".....why do they go into college as a freshman thinking "I was a great HS player....I'll beat out the Seniors".    There's no way to know, but I'd love to have a way to figure out how many kids leave after their freshman or sophomore years for "greener pastures".....who may have ended up playing a lot their junior or senior year if they had stayed.  I also wonder how many transfer....end up in the same situation, but continue to blame everyone else for the fact that they don't play?   At some point, if you don't play there's nobody to blame but yourself.....but it just seems like it's much easier to just say "Oh, this coach hates me...I'm transferring".     Rant over lol

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