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Reply to "NCAA Transfer Rule Changes Possible/Probable/Impossible?"

pabaseballdad posted:

Buckeye,   I'm with you on all that- I get the competition part, loving the game, etc.    I played d1 football, my wife was a d1 athlete, I get it. 

  All I'm saying is that there are cases- my son included- where the coach is telling them to move on.   It's not the kids choice to move on because of playing time. 

 My son was at an elite (for baseball)   non power 5 school in the south,   there are no multi year guaranteed scholarships as there are in some of the power 5 schools.    There's no financial incentive to develop any of the freshmen.  if you aren't ready to contribute, you're out the door.   11 of the 27 on the traveling roster are either juco, 5th year guys, or transfers from other d1 programs that sat a year. 

There is one sophomore position player left out of a large freshman class from 2016.   Next year there will be one or two sophomore position players left from the large 2017 class.    the 2018 class has another 15-16 kids, I'm guessing that 1-4 of these will survive to sophomore year.   Many of these did not leave because they chose to- they left because the coach told them to.   

Why should they have to sit a year when they were essentially cut? 

Not that it matters what any of us think, the NCAA won't change it, they are there to control the labor, not to advocate for the students. 

PADad....I wasn't replying about your son....we were answering at the same time.   My thoughts were just generalities based on what I've seen at my son's school and with friends and former HS and travel teammates who went to other schools.