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Reply to "NCAA Transfer Rule Changes Possible/Probable/Impossible?"

3and2Fastball posted:
pabaseballdad posted:

. It's brutal but it's just business.   Hopefully some of the parents at the beginning of the recruiting process will read these threads and learn.   In hindsight, we would do things differently! but like life, you deal with the change and move on.  It will all work out! 

I'm reading and taking notes.  This summer my kid will be a rising HS Soph.  What would you do differently in hindsight?

I too have no issues with the current rules. I never did. 

There is documentation that graduation rates have improved. I suppose the NCAA would have them. You see, programs were being punished for low graduation rates, losing scholarships, that's how bad it was. Not if the player was drafted. The goal is to graduate in 4 years. If a player transfers and loses credits in that transfer they don't graduate when they are supposed to, that was the entire premise behind the rule. 

College sports is a business. The way I see it, it's the coaches job to win, the players job to get his degree and graduate.

Be smart. Choose wisely where you can get a degree and play baseball.


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