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Newsflash: Limom84 can be a normal person!

Bullwinkle has joined the chat.
[Bullwinkle] Hello to anyone!
limom84 has joined the chat.
[limom84] hi
[limom84] hello? any1 there
[Bullwinkle] hello
[limom84] r u a playa or parent
[Bullwinkle] Dad
[Bullwinkle] u?
[limom84] Mom, silly
[Bullwinkle] that is the big question... is it true?
[limom84] what r u talking about
[Bullwinkle] the styles of your writing
[Bullwinkle] seems to change
[limom84] of course, i'm a mom. i'm moody 2
[limom84] do u like the styles as u call them
[Bullwinkle] not really, u seem a little negative most of the time
[Bullwinkle] y?
[limom84] i'm really not negative, just a staight shooter
[limom84] straight, i mean
[Bullwinkle] so why shoot people with negative comments?
[limom84] nothing is intended to be taken personally, i can't help if if some people take it that way
[limom84] u don't like me either then?
[Bullwinkle] I have never posted to u, but I have read your seems personal to me
[Bullwinkle] like is not important
[limom84] true, lets talk baseball
[limom84] ur son is he a college playa
[Bullwinkle] what age is your son?
[limom84] 17
[Bullwinkle] yes, he is a redshirt freshman
[limom84] redshirt? he changed schools or something like that?
[Bullwinkle] no, 10 upperclass OF'ers
[limom84] how did u find the rcruitment process
[Bullwinkle] I chose to ride it like a rollercoaster
[Bullwinkle] coach speak...
[limom84] so you mean, there are ups and downs?
[Bullwinkle] they tell you what you want to heard
[limom84] the scouts, u mean?
[Bullwinkle] yes....a lot of ups and odwns
[limom84] r u a coach
[Bullwinkle] scouts, college coachs etc
[Bullwinkle] no
[Bullwinkle] just a dad
[limom84] is some of it bull, so to speak
[Bullwinkle] of course....
[Bullwinkle] how is recuiting for u?
[limom84] i don't know who to believe any more, son wants to play in a tourney in ga over the summer
[Bullwinkle] play on a connie mack team if possible
[limom84] scouts like my son, but so far no college interesst
[Bullwinkle] how is the GPA?
[limom84] very hi, smart like his mom
[Bullwinkle] over 3.0?
[limom84] yes
[Bullwinkle] ok, letters from colleges?
[limom84] does it matter
[Bullwinkle] GPA always matters
[limom84] questionnaires, some letters
[Bullwinkle] NCAA direct contact is June 1st in the JR year....
[limom84] r u on the east coast or west
[Bullwinkle] being your son is 17
lexhitmen23 has joined the chat.
[limom84] so they can all after than?
[Bullwinkle] they can't talk (call) until June
[limom84] ohh
[Bullwinkle] November 1st is the early signing
[limom84] so we still have time
[Bullwinkle] so, from june 1st to Nov 1st is the time to talk to coaches
[limom84] can they combine academic $ with athletic $
lexhitmen23 has left the chat.
[Bullwinkle] tricky question.....NCAA says no.
[limom84] maybe we should have said hi to lex
[limom84] is it a gray area?
[Bullwinkle] did u or your son complete questionaires?
[limom84] some not all
[limom84] does it matter
[Bullwinkle] how many?
[limom84] maybe 4 or 5
[Bullwinkle] let's put it this way.....
[limom84] y?
[Bullwinkle] if I wanted to offer you a job, and sent you a letter to complete, and you fail to mail it back....
[Bullwinkle] you are now off my list
[limom84] okay, i see where u are going
[Bullwinkle] always fill out every letter
[limom84] i'll go yell at him to fill out some more, GF taking up major time lately
[Bullwinkle] it can also create a compation between schools
[limom84] never thought of that
[Bullwinkle] there are no GF's in Basbeall!
[limom84] GF's are everywhere as are wives
[Bullwinkle] so if the ACC school send letters mail them all back etc
[Bullwinkle] cause the first question that he will get in June is....
[limom84] okay, thanx, very helpful info
[Bullwinkle] what colleges are you talking to?
[limom84] never thought of that either
[Bullwinkle] cause you know all the colleges are talking to eachother
[Bullwinkle] my son is on the west coast..
[limom84] we live on Long Isl
[limom84] hi taxes
[Bullwinkle] so we worked the Pac10 and Big West schools agianst eachother for a higher scholarship %
[Bullwinkle] this is a business,
[limom84] so we're the Big East? or is that just basketball?
[limom84] ur right
[limom84] did you son get a full ride
[Bullwinkle] go to to check out your local schools
[Bullwinkle] yes
[limom84] wonderful!!
[Bullwinkle] i got 2 more, so i need it!
[limom84] I have 3 also
[limom84] boy, girl, boy
[Bullwinkle] same
[Bullwinkle] remember
[limom84] girl is 16, other boy is 7-he's a sweetheart
[Bullwinkle] if your son is a pro prospect
[limom84] I am not even thinking like that
[Bullwinkle] he will need a college commitment as leverage from the signing bonus
[Bullwinkle] u said scouts are talking to him
[limom84] yes
[Bullwinkle] so his a pro prospect
[limom84] but he wants college
[limom84] not pros
[Bullwinkle] amazing what happens when you flap 200,000 if front of a 18 year old kid
[limom84] amazing what hapens when you do that to any1
[limom84] no, i am not thinking that way, college 1st
[Bullwinkle] but after u do the math,,,IRS, agents etc, most 45% is gone
[limom84] YUCK!!!
[Bullwinkle] college is the best, but he must complete all letters and mail them back....
[Bullwinkle] if he can't, u do it.
[limom84] I went to school, already!
[Bullwinkle] because it's $ you will be saving
[limom84] ur right
[limom84] question-what do u mean about my "styles of writing"/
[Bullwinkle] I thought we were over that
[limom84] okay
[Bullwinkle] my only comment, look for ways to help people on this path
[Bullwinkle] don't look for ways to piis them off
[limom84] I Dont do that on purpose
[limom84] people are negative and nasty to me as well
[Bullwinkle] people are not nasty to me
[limom84] well, i have to go now, ty for the helpful info . p.s. i like all your takes on songs, some of them, i dont know tho
[Bullwinkle] good luck,,,,love live,,,,,enjoy the ride
[limom84] thanx
[limom84] bye
[Bullwinkle] bye
limom84 has left the chat.
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