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Reply to "Next steps - guidance needed!"

MWdad posted:

First time poster...I've been stalking the site for awhile and appreciate all of the great info!  It has truly helped me guide my 2020 LHH Catcher as he chases his dream.  His dream is to play for a school in the south at the highest level possible w/ highest academics possible.  He plays for a top travel team in Midwest and is just beginning his recruiting process.  He does have interest from a few mid-tier D1 programs in Midwest but has been seen by very few outside of the Midwest to this point.  His travel team coach is very well connected in the Midwest but very few of programs commits go south.  His travel team will be in several big tourneys this summer (WWBA in Atlanta, Music City Classic, etc) but want to have him get a jump start if possible.  To date, he has only participated in PBR showcases. 

My question is where (or perhaps how?) is the best place to get him on the radar of Southern schools prior to the summer circuit? I was thinking either the PG Pitcher/Catcher in Iowa, one of his dream schools top prospect camps, or the UA / Baseball Factory National Invite (haven't heard much about this one - just received an invite so thinking not great?).  The PG Pitcher/Catcher seems to make the most sense but I couldn't find much info on this in terms of colleges attending or know if info coming out of there will get to all colleges.  The budget (and time) is strained w/ travel ball, training and life so not able to go crazy w/ showcases/camps but able to afford probably one this spring prior to HS season. 

Any advice is appreciated. 

Yours in baseball,




UA/Baseball factory was kind of a joke.  You get what you pay for.  Yes, $99 to evaluate, the evaluation included a radar gun reading that was off by 10+ mph, when I asked about that he said he had been hearing that, the one kid was 90+ at other events and barely broke 80 at this one, and he'd look into it.  Oh and your son made one of our national teams, and told me a date when my son would be in school, so I said no, sorry he's in school that week.  He said oh well, not a problem, he made this event too...that was his dad's week, and I said so, he then said well how about this event?  I found it amazing that my 9th grader had made SOOOO many national events!  Then I heard the multiple thousands of dollars to participate in these "select invite only national events"....then my 160 pound kid making them made so much more sense!

I live in GA, I don't know any kids that go to Iowa to get looked at by a southern school. They go to Lakepoint in GA and Ft. Myers in Florida, that's about it.  If he has a specific school in mind why not find out when their specific camp is, who from the staff will be there, and have him email the coach.  They can respond when it's about a camp,  and at least he would get to see the campus.  That is what my 2020 is doing.