Old battlefield District

So how is the battlefield district this year, the season has begun for some and others are getting started with this brutal weather.  How is everyone and what is the outlook.

Spotsylvania- has some nice bats returning, coming off a state run, but lost alot in pitching not sure how they will do

Caroline- returns alot of a young players from last years team but lost player of the year catacher/pitcher Matt Carter

Eastern View- returns alot from last year after beating chancellor in the championship.

Chancellor- returns a fair amount from last years runner up team including one of the best arms in the district in Zuna.

Courtland-returns a solid squad from last year including probably the best arm in the district in Kobersteen and a solid bad in Lawson but we will see if they can get over the hump. 

King George-Lost alot last year and it will be tuff to replace the senior loaded team of last year, but as always KG is competitive and tuff. 

James Monroe- They have gotten more competitive over the years but for some reason a school full of athletes still won't come out to baseball, we will see how they end up. 


If I heard correctly maybe someone can get this better then me, but here are some scores already:

Courtland over Riverbend 6-5

EV over Culpeper 6-5

Spotsy over Culpeper 11-6

Brooke point over KG 11-10

Brooke Point over chancellor 10-4

Garfield over JM 10-0


"Baseball is like breathing, you need it to live" Go WAHOOS!!!!!
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