Reply to "Old battlefield District"

thanks for sharing, I was able to read it and for those that can't basically it said it has a prediction and shared some insight on each team:

Predicted Order of Finish: 1. Spotsylvania, 2. Eastern View, 3. Courtland, 4. King George, 5. Caroline, 6. Chancellor, 7. James Monroe

Player of the Year: Zach Thomas, Eastern View

Pitcher of the Year: Alex Kobersteen, Courtland 

Tonight I heard some final scores:

EV 9 over Liberty 3

Culpeper 2 over Courtland 1

Wash & Lee 11 over JM 5

MV 8 over KG 0

Spotsy 8 over Warren 4

Not sure if anyone else moved games from Tues to Monday.