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Reply to "One example of how HS stats become questionable."

JCG posted:

Stats, you will enjoy this one.  Earlier this season we are at opponent's field.  I get a copy of the lineup card so I can keep score in GameChanger, and the player's numbers are almost all different from the roster published in MaxPreps, plus there are several players not there and several new players. PITA but not that big a deal.  When the team comes to our yard, because I also announce home games and I don't want be scrambling or calling out the wrong player's name, I typed up their roster with the correct numbers from our first game.  Then right before the anthem, when I get a copy of their lineup -- guess what -- same numbers they had on MaxPreps, totally different from last game.

Turns out their new home unis were misprinted or something and they used an old set.


Welcome to my world! Except for a few players, our HS team has different numbers for the road and home. My program is like GC and others that export the stats so they can be imported by MaxPreps. Now here’s a little quirk about MP. In order to do stats you need to put a roster in first. If you want to be able to import the stats, MP checks the uni number on the roster, then assigns the imported stats to it. Unfortunately, MP only allows for one uniform number, and here’s what will happen.


Let’s say Joey Jones has the uni number 5 on the MP roster which has the home numbers and Billy Smith has the number 6. The game is a home game and the stats get imported just fine. The next game however is an away game, and their numbers are reversed. The game gets played and the software generates the export file from the game, with the numbers reversed. When they get imported by MP, Joey’s stats will get put under Billy’s number and vice versa.

If it’s ever caught, it is one huge PITA to get corrected!


What I do is always use the home numbers for every game. It does cause a problem however because the umpire will say 20 for 13, so I have to look at the lineup card I was given to find out who 20 and 13 are, then make the appropriate changes. I also run into problems when the other team is the same way because I take the numbers from the MP roster. Then you’ve got problems when for some reason players change numbers during the season. If the appropriate changes aren’t made in the MP roster, you have more trouble.


I’ve tried to get MP to do something about this issue, but it’s not a priority of theirs. They leave it up to the person putting in the stats to make sure they’re put in correctly. In my program I use a player ID# that’s unique for every player, so it doesn’t make any difference what the uni number is. That would be a huge undertaking for MP with them having records for more than 10 years for some percentage of the 450,000 HS ball players every year.