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I agree with TPM and Anotherparent, and I probably agree with RJM even though I don't know what he said.  Their advice is always spot on.   One key word that triggered something in my head was the word "trade school" in your original post.   Hopefully, I'm providing another option you haven't considered.

"Our situation is a bit different from others because if it weren't for baseball my son would likely not go to college.  He'd likely learn a trade or something of the sort.  He's not a great student.  He tries hard but school doesn't come as easy to him as it does to some."

Additionally, I've walked a mile or two in your sons shoes.  I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was a kid, back when nobody knew what it was in 1972.....I was off the charts and my parents thought my middle brother was retarded because he didn't act like his older brother.  I had to work extra hard to focus on school work, but athletics came easy and forced me to spend that focus time on school.  My parents would only allow me to play sports if I kept my grades up...that was the house rule.    I became acutely aware of my condition when I was diagnosed at 10 years old.  It is something I've overcome as an adult but it has taken a lot of self discipline.

There are trade schools that offer baseball programs.   I know of one in Virginia called the Apprentice School.   One of the kids I coached in travel baseball played there, and they were very good.  My understanding is there is no tuition cost, but I don't know all the details.    I have to believe there are others like it.   I've been told the Apprentice school is very difficult to get into.   But again, there have to be others like it around the country.  I would start networking, making some phone calls, and learning about other schools like the Apprentice school if your son truly wants to pursue a trade.   They play in the USCAA conference.     

Best of luck and I hope this helps in anyway.

I have Adhd as well.  I wasn't diagnosed until I was in my early 30's.  It did not keep me from making good grades so I sometimes wonder if there are different types or if it affects people differently.

He's taken meds since he was 9.  He has recently gotten to where he doesn't take them daily.  He now takes them as needed.

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