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Reply to "Pain in arm (like electric shock!!)"

Originally Posted by Max S:

So I followed the advice and took my son in to see an Orthopedic Surgeon in Tampa.

He took X-rays of both shoulders and deducted that the pain was due to "Little Leaguers Shoulder". My son has been asked to ice his arm at least 3 times a day and NOT do any throwing/pitching for at least 6 weeks, at which point we will see him again.


Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. It was what made me take him to the doctor in the first place :-)

Was this an ortho who specializes in sports medicine?


Ohio Dad,

It may just be that he needs 6 weeks to completely heal whatever it is, then begin a rehab program after he sees him in 6 weeks. Remember he is only 14.  


However, I do not see the benefit of icing 3 times a day for 6 weeks.