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Reply to "PG 17U WWBA /National Academic /Sunshine Northeast /Atlantic Coast Top Prospect"

Phanatic2008WS posted:

Thanks for all the posts. My 2017 has been to two PG WWBA tournaments, but not to any of the PG showcases yet. That is what prompted my initial question about the value and relative pros and cons of PG run tournaments and showcases. At tournaments, the players are evaluated on game performances and that is always a hit or miss in my opinion (depending on where you play for example at Lakepoint or area HS fields, who you are playing, and who is watching you at any given point when you are pitching). My 2017 has not been to a PG showcase, and does not have any video or updated verified numbers as mentioned by the previous post. I wonder if at an National Academic Showcase or a Top Prospect or a Sunshine Showcase, will there me more eyes watching?. Do games played at Showcase events count just as much as in tourneys where the win/loss is not an issue? Do they attract a better assembly of coaches, as there probably are fewer players? Just wishing to see where to put our emphasis this Summer. As I mentioned, my son will play at the 17U WWBA tourney, but we wish to add a couple showcases - but only if they are of value. We appreciate the feedback received.


Comparing a PG showcase to a PG tournament is apples and oranges.  Both are fruits and a necessary part of recruiting, IMO, but they accomplish different goals.

The PG Tournament is where players show they can get out decent hitters, rather than simply striking out the same kid from a rival high school over and over.  And, if they get hit a little bit, they can show their makeup....among other things.  Their velo, command, etc. may or may not be noted.

The PG Showcase is where they demonstrate measurables like velocity. IMO, a PG Showcase is vital to a player's recruitment.  Look at it this way...YOU have seen him throw 88 but, most likely, no one that matters is the process have seen it.  If PG sees it, it is now a fact.  If only you see it, you are an overzealous dad who inflates the numbers.  So, the value in PG Showcases is the credibility and reliability in the numbers and I am convinced every college coach in the country has a PG subscription and searches it to ID kids.

Now...a big caveat is attached to velo.  If your pitcher sits 82-84 with a max velo of 88, he probably will not get much D-I attention.  However, if he sits 86-88, he will most likely attract a lot of attention. 

Sure, you can go to a showcase that provides evaluations (I provide evaluations at my showcases) but that will not help you get recruited.  And, if a college coach sees 86-88 velo at a local showcase, he surely isn't shouting that out to every other college coach that did not attend.

A big part of our recruiting strategy with the EvoShield Canes is to get our kids to a PG Showcase where their measurables can be recorded for everyone to see.  I think it works fairly well for us - we have 153 kids that signed a D-I scholarship in the 2016 grad class...and that is at all levels of D-I.