Reply to "PG WWBA Sophomore World Championship @ Fort Myers, FL"

Francis7 posted:

First, thanks to all for the feedback and recommendations!

The comments make it sound like you have a lot of downtime. I wouldn't have expected that in what's basically a weekend tournament.

ABSORBER posted:

Which is why you cannot have a hard-plan; you can only explore what options are available should you have the time.  My experience is mostly from the Fall WWBA tourneys which run Thursday through Monday.


I’ve been 3 times. 2 week long BCS Tournaments (summer) and the Underclass championship (in October) over a long weekend.

Downtime will depend on your schedule and the weather.

Early morning games are least affected by weather delays. 

First year we had early morning games and were done by 2 pm at the latest. This left a lot of time for beach and other activities.

2nd year. Pool format changed and many games were late afternoon. Never saw the beach. It rains in some part of south Florida every day between 3 and 6 Pm. It was a long week, rescheduled games, delays, switching fields to get to where they had lights etc. No downtime that year at all. 

3rd year (Underclass in the Fall). We had Great weather. It’s still hot but cooler.’s still October and still hurricane season so it can be iffy at times.