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Pitcher Development in High School - Importance of Facing Good Hitting

Hello - My son is a 15 year old sophomore LHP who is 6 foot and throws around 77/78.  He's a very solid pitcher with good command of 3 pitches (2/4 seam, change up and curve).

We have a bit of a dilemma and are seeking advice.   My son is currently home schooled and plays for a highly competitive home school team which plays some of the top private schools (and a few public schools) in our area.  So he has been pitching on varsity against some pretty high quality hitting.

Due some various circumstances we may need to have him go to private school next year.  The team he would play on doesn't play against as competitive teams and the quality of the hitters is much lower.  He does play summer and fall select ball and will be doing show cases, etc. the coming two years.

So the main question I have is how important is it for the development of a young pitcher to face the best hitting possible?  Should we make accommodation to try and keep him pitching against better quality teams?  His pitching coach (ex-MLB LHP) says yes.  The guy who runs his select organization, pitched in the minors and is a MLB scout says no its not that important - he will get that in summer ball.

From a "fun and enjoyment" stand point either is fine in his mind but its a heck of a lot simpler for him to play for the high school team versus what is a lot of driving and travel time for the home school team.  Plus just the aspect of playing for your school team is enticing.

My son is very focused on playing D1 ball with every once in a while the thought of playing pro (I encourage him to only think about college LOL) - so he is serious about his development.

Any advice or insight is much appreciated!

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