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Reply to "pitcher in a nerd's body"

fenwaysouth posted:
cluelessDad2019 posted:



He is not a confident athlete. When pitching, however, a different kid emerges who lives and dies by his latest pitching performance.


Kids come in all kinds of packages.  When my oldest son discovered (at a young age) he could throw a baseball very fast, and the game involved a lot of math and stats.... he was hooked.  He was intrigued by it at at a very young age.  Don't get me wrong he worked very hard to improve his skills at every level, but it was the initial appeal that won his love for the game.  If you are a good pitcher with "stuff", and you understand baseball situations and can go a long way in this sport.  If I'm a coach, I'd be saying "give me more nerds"!

Good luck!  

Wow fenway, I think Goose Gossage might have something to say about that one!

My son (HS 2010, college 2014) also liked the thinking part of the game as a pitcher and later learned to apply it as a hitter too. Outsmarting the hitter was what made pitching his favorite part of the game. Having what you describe as a "nerd" son can be an advantage as a baseball player. Working opposite of what the hitter may be looking for can be very successful.