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Reply to "pitcher in a nerd's body"


As others mentioned above, I also continue to be amazed at how he would dread having to stand on a stage in a theater but is completely unfazed and unflappable on the "stage" of the pitcher's mound...(or batter's box, or anywhere else between the white lines).


me too!  This is so true of my son. I appreciate all your thoughts and the sharing of experiences. 

- MOMLW... I had seen that TED talk before, but had forgotten about it...  I'll get him to watch it. Thnx

- JP24... an astute observation. On the mound that killer instinct comes and goes... He is still trying to figure out what makes himself tick, and also how to get outs on sheer will when he doesn't have his best stuff. In the end, this may be the thing that derails his goals. We shall see once the testosterone really gets firing how his will to win and compete changes. The jury is still out whether he can continually take that competitive fire to the next level.

Best of luck this Spring to your boys, whether they be little or big...

still clueless...