Reply to "Pitcher vs catcher - 2020 changing positions"

A short story.

Thomas Eschelman (sp?) from San Diego area was a catcher until late in HS. Incredibly live arm, accurate throws, quick arm, was recruited to Cal state Fullerton as a pitcher and walked very, very, very, few college batters while striking out alot. He built up his velo (needed to be taught to just let the ball fly from the mound) to low 90s in college (he was upper 80s late in HS). He just wanted to play.

Was a second round draft pick.

He wasn't a great hitting catcher (he was a great HS hitting catcher), but he was a great HS receiving catcher.

Story over.

College coaches generally don't recruit receivers; college coaches recruit hitters who can also catch. (Why, I don't know. My son [a pitcher] said a great receiver changed the complexion of the game. Yet, . . . . )

So, ask yourself and ask your son and ask him to ask himself: can he rake high end travel/showcase pitching? 

RAKERS get recruited. Receivers become bullpen catchers.

All that having been said, I have no doubt that there are many D1 programs which would love to have him as a receiver - I just dont know if those schools are the ones he wants.