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Reply to "Pitcher wanting to catch"

playball2011 posted:

With 5 catchers in program how much playing time would son get? The fact that he can play Inf  positions will get him more time.

Sorry, should have specified...the five catchers are as of right now, not counting 1 graduating and 1 expected to transfer, leaving 3...1 varsity, 2 JV. Thanks for the

Backstop22 posted

.... But on his Summer and Fall travel teams he does both.  The travel coach knows never to have him do both in the same day. 

...Being quick and athletic is a key now to catching--the old model of the heavy set catcher is dying.

That's good advice, his travel ball coach and HS know each other... I agree, all the catchers I see now are athletes.

He is one of the more athletic kids on his travel team and even though he is almost the youngest on his HS team, he has nearly the fastest 40 times with great range and a wicked arm.

Thanks for the advice