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Pitching machine advice

Hi. First post. Love baseball. Live in Tukwila, WA. 39 yrs old.

I'm researching pitching machines for myself. I don't work. Am on disability. So I have free time. I'm researching the machines so I could go hit at real fields.

I would go by myself and sometimes with family and friends. And I think it'd be great if I met people who'd want to join me. I love baseball majorly and would love the exercise. I played up till HS as a pitcher and first baseman. In 8th grade I was considered one of the best first baseman around. Missed my freshman year in HS because I didn't know I could try out for Highline Highschool. I didn't go there buy went to a special school that was part of the HS. If I would have tried out I probably would have made Varsity every year. But missing my freshman year messed up my skills so from sophomore till I graduated I didn't make any team. Mostly just out of shape. Good physical shape just timing wrong and some other stuff was going on in my life. I was a good switch hitter. Natural lefty with more power from left center to right center. Pulled the ball much more right handed which I thought was odd. Throw left handed. I bat right handed in practice only though and always against right handed pitchers.

Sorry. Just a bit of background.

I have several real baseballs and a bat I paid $150 for many years ago. The bat though for some reason doesn't give me the ping sound as good as you hear in college baseball.

I don't know anything about pitching machines. I would like some features if possible at a budget of preferably $1000 and under.

Up to 80 mph but 70 mph is ok.
Gas powered or battery. Won't have a generator.
Auto ball feeder.
Work with real baseballs. If fake then as realistic as possible. Meaning not bouncy. Colored is good if it would be easier to see the ball in the field when I go get them.

I'm not sure what else since I don't know anything really.

I really so much appreciate any advice.
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