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Reply to "Pitching machine advice"

Thank you all very much.

I may be coming into some money today. $1050. So I'm hoping I could find something.

I tried contacting a few local cages and training facilities but haven't heard from anyone in days. One tho got back to me and didn't help at all.

I have some questions I hope can be responded to soon.

Do I need something that goes to 70 mph to 80 mph or is slower ok? I would like 80mph but that's like in a perfect money no object thing I guess. I'm not sure how slow like 45-60 or 70mph is.
What about power? Battery and generator? Last maybe 2 hrs or so.
Real baseballs and fake.
Ball feeder.

So far I seen baseline put bing machine. $650. 70 mph. No feeder or battery. But I would think you can get them.

Heater something that has a feeder but no battery or generator. That's extra. About $500-$650 for this one. The heater one has a 30 day money back if I'm not satisfied.

I'm not sure about Jugs. I haven't seen one for real baseballs.

Any ideas for my budget?