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Reply to "Pitching machine advice"

I have used one of those machines, but it was just once or twice, years ago. A youth coach I knew asked me help out, and showed me how to use it for batting practice.  I thought it was a piece of junk. It took forever to charge up and throw.  I put it aside and threw BP myself.  Much better.


Since you're pleading for advice, I will give you some.


Do not waste $1000 or more on a pitching machine. It's not that much fun hitting off of one, and it's no fun at all picking up the balls afterwards. Players use them to get a lot of cuts in quickly, especially in the off-season, but it's not that much fun, and not all that useful.


If I was you, instead I would:


  1. Find a men's 30 or 40+ baseball team. That would be 100 times more fun.
  2. Find a men's fast pitch softball team. That would be at least 50 times more fun.
  3. Find a co-ed or men's slow pitch softball team. That would also be 50 times more fun.
  4. Take $10  and go to the local batting cage and hit there. That would be 10 times more fun and 100 times cheaper.