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Reply to "politics"

I have a friend whose parents blamed everything in life on politics. In sports they never noticed he wasn’t as talented as a very talented athletic class in two sports. They beat it into him he was constantly getting screwed.

Today as a 64yo he’s still an Eeyore (doomsdayer). Whenever anything goes wrong it’s always someone else’s fault.

His younger brother was a star athlete in two sports. When something goes wrong he says he screwed up. 

When the younger one got cancer the older brother whined his brother is dying. When I would run into the younger brother I would ask how he was doing. He would laugh and state contrary to rumor he’s not dying. He would smile and say, “I’m fighting and winning.” 

People who are accountable and have a positive attitude tend to go further than those that don’t. They don’t end up hanging around the water cooler complaining about their boss and who got the promotion they should have received.

“You can’t control the cards you’re dealt. You can control how you play them.”

- Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

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