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Reply to "politics"

GoingwiththePitch posted:

I don't feel like people should just assume politics doesn't play a role, just as no one should be assuming here the player was cut because he wasn't good enough. Perhaps, but perhaps not. Of course there are politics at play. Of course the difference in talent between the bottom half the players who do make it and the last few who don't is razor thin, if existing at all. So I think you need to look at these situations case by case.

I tend to think I am a textbook example. I was a very good player, perhaps not the best on my team (which is a story for another day) but to say politics weren't at least a bit in play with the changing of coaches just isn't fair or accurate. Were there many things I could have done better? Of course. Were there things beyond my control? Of course.



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Ken, NO ONE here is saying that politics don't exist... the point being made is, as a parent, what should the message be to a son (or daughter) going through something like this?  What are we teaching them for dealing with this type of adversity, which they are sure to encounter in many ways down the road?

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