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Wesleythecacther posted:
Consultant posted:


you should focus on the "role of a catcher'. Arm strength is only one phase and their are several methods to adjust. During infield speed up your throws to the bases, move in the front of the plate.

QUICK RELEASE! as I have mentioned you can warm up with a teammate by catching the ball off the heal of the mitt for quick transfer.

1. calling the game. "read the bat"

2. read the runner. when is stealing " is his right toe point to second base

3. know your pitcher, give him signs for "pick off"

4. set signs with your 1b for the "pick off" from you.

During our Goodwill Series Japan, Korea and Australia, our catchers learn the "little" things and they improve.


Okay, thank you. Now here is another question. What is the order of importance of catching skills? Like numbered, what would receiving, blocking, throwing, game calling, pitcher relationships, and etc be in order of importance?

Just asked my catcher Wesley, he said:  Receiving, Pitcher Relationship, Game Calling, Blocking and then Throwing.  He thinks Receiving is 85% of what catcher does, Blocking 10% + Throwing 5%.