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Reply to "Position to showcase?"

cabbagedad posted:
Sonny R posted:

Cabbagedad: He has 3 pitches he throws with any regularity; FB (79-80), Slider (74-75), and a change (72-74). He started throwing a sinker/2 seam in practice and flat surface but only used it a few times in a game. He’s about 6’0”/180 lbs and growing.

Cool!  Promising for the future.  Time to relax and enjoy for you... time to work hard and enjoy for him.

Well, shoot, you got me started ...

As a side note, he may want to keep in mind as he develops... just a bit more differential between FB velo and changeup velo would be advisable.  There are a few easy ways to knock the CU velo down a tick without showing less arm speed/effort. 

And, IMO, if he isn't above-average sharp with each of the first three pitches you mention, I think he would benefit far more by focusing on honing those rather than start tinkering with a fourth.  Three looks is plenty to keep hitters honest and adding a forth or fifth just takes away from efforts to dial in those three, particularly at that very formative age.  A sharp, confident pitcher is going to be more effective more consistently than a pitcher with a bigger bag of tricks.  


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