Reply to "Post Graduate Baseball programs"

Son was already being recruited by D1s as a true HS sophomore when he decided to spend his Jr. year of HS living abroad in Europe.  He knew he'd be missing an entire year (10-months) of baseball; the age 16-17 year which is arguably the most important for like.....everything in baseball development and recruitment.  Before he left for the true Jr year abroad he notified coaches that he'd be reclassing that summer from a 2017 to a 2018 due to the year abroad sans HS sports he'd be taking an extra year of HS, the Post-Grad Year.  And he did.  

Son reclassed as a true sophomore in summer of 2014, so coaches began seeing him no longer as a '17 but an '18 then, as opposed to a coach seeing him all thru HS as a '17, then suddenly in fall of '16, after they've basically made a decision on him, he suddenly announces he was an '18.  Too late at that point, as coaches have already placed you in the "Want" or "Don't Want" box.

Understand, there's two ways to skin the 5-Year HS Cat: 

1. Reclassing during sophomore or Junior year

2. Post-Grad Year

There's an enormous amount of nuance to the 5-year HS plan, whether PG or reclass option.  Very complicated.  

Son did his due to the year spent abroad.  He wanted to play that 4th year of HS basketball and baseball.  The 5th year was a great year for him, academically and athletically.  He loved it.  

Don't let the price tag scare you at the New England boarding schools either.  The endowment money is enormous.  There are many kids and parents paying less than 10% of COA at many of them, due to qualifying for FA.  

PM me if more questions.