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Postgraduate Year or Gap Year for Ivy League Recruiting (2019 Grad)

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any experience or advice for someone considering a PG or gap year to increase likelihood of being recruited to an Ivy League School.

In my case, I am a young 2019 (turned 17 recently) OF that got considerable interest from a few ivies, but ultimately just wasn't good enough baseball wise to get an offer.

Academically, I have a 3.85 UW GPA (4.4 Weighted) and 1560 SAT with many APs and honors classes. I also have a huge legacy at Columbia (brother, sister, dad went there and grandpa was a professor) so I did not really consider any schools that are substantially worse than Columbia. (hope that doesn't come off as pompous... my family is just very academics first)

In terms of baseball, I showcased well this summer(6.63 60-yard dash at Stanford Camp and 91 mph from OF at PTW),  but I just did not have the consistency I needed at the plate or any baseball awards/invitations to invite-only events. I still did well enough to garner genuine interest from a couple low D1s, a few D2s, and several high academic D3s, but unfortunately not MIT, which is my first choice for non-ivy.


That being said, I also have couple of questions about PG/Gap Years in general:

1. Does taking either of the aforementioned options mean that I do not apply to colleges this fall? (might be a stupid question but wanted to make sure)

2. What are some of the differences between PG/Gap year and reclassing to the 2020 class?

Thanks in advance. I don't normally turn to forums but there didn't seem to be any advice for people in similar situations as me.




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