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Reply to "Postgraduate Year or Gap Year for Ivy League Recruiting (2019 Grad)"

Feelgood77 posted:
RJM posted:

Most of the athletes I know/know of who prepped a year between high school and Ivy were already recruited athletically and screened by admissions as likely to be accepted. Often the Ivy wanted to see the kid perform academically in a more challenging environment than his high school. The kids I know/know of that went to ISL’s didn’t prep for a year regardless of their age. 

Have you considered NESCACs or Centennials? 

Thanks for your response. I guess I don't fit the description of those who prepped before going to an Ivy since my grades are fine but my baseball skills are lacking.

In regards to your question, I am currently talking with the Johns Hopkins coach which is in the Centennial and should take a visit some time this fall. I know that the NESCACs and other Centennials are fantastic schools, but they seem to be very liberal arts focused which I am quite confident I do not want to study (I think I want to study computer science or engineering). I've done research on the schools in both divisions, and it seems that JHU is the best out of those schools for what I want to study but still a tick below Columbia. Obviously, please correct me if I am wrong.

Tufts has engineering and computer science majors. It’s a very good (often ranked) D3 program.

If you aren’t familiar with ISL’s they’re the 9-12 or 7-12 elite privates in Eastern Massachusetts. They’re similar to The Hun School. Kids get in for being very bright or from wealthy families.

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