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Practice Schedules

im going to eventually put these on our website but just wanted to see how what we do compares to you guys. we have 3 or 4 master plans and we fit into these what we have to work on that day.
here's our main early season plan
agilities/stretch/throw - 20 minutes
individual defense - 15 minutes
fungo work - infield ( 4 way and 3 way) and
outfield ( 3 waya and 1 way) 20 min
team defense/pfp - 20 minutes
5 station hitting - 25 minutes
live hitting - 30 minutes
baserunning - 15 minutes
pitchers work/weightroom

alot of times we do pitching work prepractice
our other plans 1. 45 minute fundamental drill series and offensive work
2. ending practice with a controlled intrasquad
3. group day - infielders and outfielders come in at seperate times.

just some of what we do. like to get some feedback on what some of you all do and learn a little.
steve dixon head baseball coach sullivan north high school kingsport, tn
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