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Ryno, can you explain your 12 point baserunning?

Be happy to:

From Home Plate (simulate swing and go)
1. Straight through bag-break down-look over right shoulder. Return to home.
2. Narrow turn (question mark shape). Imagine a ground ball that makes it through IF, you must sprint down the line, but turn late. Make turn at first thinking two and come back to first (actually to a throw down base, to stay out of next runners way). Return to home.
3. Wide turn (banana shape). Hitter has smoked one in the gap-sure double (we try to do all our turning between the first two bases, then drive off the inside corner of bag straight for the next base). Continue all the way to second. Return to 1st.

From first base (take primary lead, then secondary lead and go)
4. Imagine a line drive into RF-runner sprints straight into 2nd and reverse pivots (pivot on left foot with belly button turning to right field) checking for (imaginary) ball coming in from RF. Return to 1st.
5. Imagine base hit into LF-sprint to bag and make turn to third, stop and return to throw down base (which represents 2nd). Return to 1st.
6. With coach in 3rd base box, imagine base hit into RF. Runner must now pick up coach for signal prior to reaching turn point at second. Runner continues all the way to 3rd. Return to 2nd.

From second base (take primary lead, secondary lead, and go).
7. Base hit to LF-sprint to bag and reverse pivot, looking for ball coming in from LF. Return to 2nd.
8. Sprint to 3rd-3rd base coach will wave runner then stop him for return to throw down base. Return to 2nd.
9. Score. Return to 3rd.

From Third base
At this point we place two additional throw down bases and three players going at once.
10. Take primary lead (or walking lead if you prefer). Suicide squeeze break on coach, who is simulating pitch on mound. Return to 3rd.
11. Walking lead on coach's wind up. Imagine pitch entering strike zone and fly ball being hit to center. Coach #2 simulates catching fly ball by clapping his hands together over his head. Return to 3rd.
12. Walking lead on coach's windup. Coach throws real pitch to coach #2, who is catching. Make sure he throws those low pitches WIDE Big Grin! Players are working on reading down angle and scoring on WP/PB or planting right foot and returning to bag. When the players gets down angle/WP and scores they are finished.