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Reply to "Practice Schedules"

Good Stuff as usual.. some of you guys need to be turned in for going over.. Big Grin
Monday and thursday Game weeks.
30 minutes..RST Run -Stretch -Throw (We throw longer than most people).
Defensive Series. 6 rotations 6 minutes each..High intensity.. 3 fungos. -35 minutes.
BP- 4 groups of 4 60 mintues.
1-Live group with baserunning
2-Cages- 2 cages with different drills. 1 is always fastballs. other usually live drill.
3-Drills X2 Will have two drills set up. Each of the last two rotate at 7 miutes.
4-Either fungo and work off the live hitters, bullpen or possibly more drills if we have shaggers.

10 minutes 1st-3rd
10 minutes Bunt work
20 minutes Baserunning

Infield/Outfield Groups-60 minutes
1-Infielders hitting stations/ Outfielders multiple fungos from Home Plate

2-vise versa.

Situation Day -60 minutes

Everything and anything..I plan it. Sometimes we play a hitting game in team at the end of this day.

We only do Defensive Drill Series pre-season.