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Reply to "Preliminary SEC 2021 Team Roster Turnover Insights"

I love data!  Really very interesting; what stood out to me was the difference in number of freshmen on the 2020 roster who had left the program by 2021.  Some had none, some had a high number.

Of course, what this data can't catch is the number of freshmen on the fall roster who don't make the spring roster (i.e. redshirted, run off, walk-ons, etc.).  That would also be of interest to a high-school player.

In my humble opinion,  fall roster is not important, as for it is not official.  No different than trying out for a travel team.  The program will always bring in more players, it is good for the school's revenue.

Fall roster is similar to the MLB spring training roster.

I would instead look at the official spring roster

Below is the No. of incoming players

Total Incoming

Total Transfers


Incoming by Position


Remember, the coach recruits based on need and number of available seats.

The student should look at the Roster Turnover over a 2 to 3 year period to understand the roster management of the school


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