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Reply to "Preliminary SEC 2021 Team Roster Turnover Insights"

@bandera posted:

Larger incoming fall is meaningful data.  Even if it lacking QC.   Certainly for deciding between otherwise equal schools.  It is just another piece of the puzzle in making a decision.

But if I'm the only LHP among 20 RHPs showing up, it doesn't matter if it's the spring or fall roster.  I like my chances. How you use the data depends on your circumstances.

Going forward Spring rosters are corrupted because there is no consistent way of listing class due to COVID.   Doesn't mean we should stop looking at spring rosters.  We take the best data we can get and use it for guidance.

The LHP vs RHP example is the roster unicorn.

Question, when are the fall roster normally published, before or after the start of the fall semester?

As for spring rosters and graduation classification due to covid-19  

If you are a High School graduate looking to figure out how many true freshman vs "high school freshman",

then the our Player Attrition Insights provide the insights.

E.g.  Kentucky 2021

Players from 2020 roster that are not on 2021 roster, with the potential roster why they are not on roster by graduation class.


Players not on the roster by position and graduation class


From the incoming perspective,  the following identifies 17 new players, of which 7 are transfer in.  Currently, The freshman are not displayed as transfers, note this might change once we've published and reconciled.

As for the Superclasses, all things being equal, it is about performance.



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