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Q&A Tommy John Surgey

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There are many people on here who gave me fantastic advice when it came to the recruiting process. There are also those who know and follow my son and have continually thrown encouragement his way. For all these folks, I'm extremely appreciative.

While I'm not the best at given advice, I guess nothing more than an opinion or two, I'm about to embark on something that I feel I will becoming an expert on and would be more than happy to share any advice that anyone would like to have.

I don't share this for well wishes, nor am I asking for pity or sorrow. We actually view this as part of baseball and the next chapter in one families and a young mans life. We feel nothing but good things will come from this. I'm speaking of the Tommy John Surgery. Our son, who is a junior LHP in college right now is scheduled to have the procedure done April 2nd. While disappointed, his spirits have never been higher, and if his spirits are so high, then how can ours be anything but.

I don't come around this web much anymore, as there are many, many more who can offer much better advice than I. But what I would like to do, as a little payback, is offer my email address and if anyone has any questions about any part of the procedure, please feel free to contact me. While I know that a web search can answer many questions you may have, I have found through my research that actually speaking with someone who has had, is about to have, or currently is in the process of having the procedure to have a much more calming affect on us.

Again, not asking for anything, just wanted to offer any info and or advice that I may have to make that next person feel as comfortable and informed as we are going in.

Danny Boydston
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