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Reply to "Questions about early commits"

Pedaldad posted:
justbaseball posted:

I can't see it making much difference at all.  Coaches will still get players to call them through their HS and travel coaches.  Unofficial visits will still happen in some form or another.  Parents will still feel panicked to take the first offer from a name school...and then tweet about it.  And much of this will still happen before September of Junior year.

Our 2nd son was recruited almost entirely by phone and email.  What will change about that from this new rule?

IMO, the rule (like most others) was written to not so much for the benefit of the players, but to not have to deal with kids dropping in all the time.  Every dad with his PG/PBR/etc... profile was inundating coaches with visits and calls.

"Dead periods" were created primarily for the same reasons - to give coaches a break.

The commitments will still happen for those that can...

Wow.  I don't doubt what you wrote is true,

TPM posted:

The new rules probably won't  change anything for the elite programs, but will slow down a bit for the mid, to lower D1s.  

I think the rule proposed and accepted by the committee  was to stop the early recruitment of freshman and sophmores, even younger.  As Justbaseball mentioned, a lot of panic goes into the process, not all decisions are well thought as to the consequences of recruiting early.

Making September 1 the start date and not June 1, July 1 is because coaches are not in their offices at that time. Justbaseball is correct, coaches are on the road, come home and have meetings and work to do, don't always appreciate those drop ins, especially here in Florida where lots of summer tournaments take place. 



Especially with the elite players, I also think it might slow down some who can now take official visits as juniors. Before the change, with official visits only coming after school starts in a kid's senior year, official visits were almost always reserved as a sort of "gift" to committed players and their families. Now, they become a true recruiting tool. I do wonder, though if this change pushes baseball even further toward the recruiting practices of football and baseball, where a player commits early, but still takes a lot of official visits, with many changing commitments right before the signing date. I think the date change provides schools with a huge incentive to shy away from the current culture of laying off of recruiting kids who have committed because now, they have a lot of extra time to get them on an official visit an woo them away.