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Reply to "Questions about early commits"

fenwaysouth posted:

You said it all in the first line of your OP....the NCAA is a self-serving organization.  Contrary to the commercials they run, it is not about the student athlete.   So, don't look for any help there.   

The concept of an early commitment is always going to fall on the shoulders of the recruit as well as its risk...

P5 coaches know they could have a line outside their door of kids willing to roll the dice on an early commitment.

As always, JMO.

I understand the sentiment, but your first 2 paragraphs seem logically opposed to me.  The NCAA has definitively empowered recruits with the new legislation. I hate'm, but don't blame'm. 

If the recruits (and their parents) choose not to use that leverage to better their recruitment process and put themselves at the mercy of baseball coaches, well that is their own negligence and you can't put that on the NCAA or the coaches.

Recruits and parents should reject pressure to commit to a P5 or any institution because that school will move on to Joe Blow. The web pages of PG are littered with ghosts of prep star past that committed to the best school for all the wrong reasons. They end up with no spot on the team, a bunch of debt, and a lifetime of regret.

If Joe Blow and his parents will blindly accept an offer they can't discuss and can't understand from coaches they can't meet, it is irresponsible and potentially catastrophic financially.  People that make these types of decisions tend to be...not good at life. 

My advice to recruits and parents is that you probably shouldn't compete with them on those terms...because they're not good at life.