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Reply to "Questions about early commits"

Chico Escuela posted:
bacdorslider posted:

  On a side note to recruting,  I was talking to a friend of mine who is a RC at a P5 school. He told me how he had been in Atlanta for 3 weeks and was sick of watching high school players try to play baseball.  I asked him if he found any prospects and he said a few. 

 I then asked him about a 2020 I know  that committed to his school  .. and he said yes he's committed, who knows what he will become in three years... He said he could develop over the next 2 years and maybe they could use him his soph year.... but he could also get cut in the fall.  He said that he's a "wait and see commit"

Do you think that 'getting cut in the fall" has ever entered the 2020's mind or his parents mind?  Or how that impacts his college future having to transfer , getting classes to transfer,  I for one doubt they ever think about anything past tweeting and instagramming. 


Ouch.  A good reminder to choose a college with a baseball team you want to play for, not a baseball team that happens to be affiliated with a college.

Later commitments would help.  But how do you avoid cheating--coaches whispering the ear of players, parents, or travel team coaches that an offer will be there in a year?  How well are things working in softball?

Serious question:  How often do kids who get cut from a baseball roster decide to transfer because of baseball?  Maybe the college isn't a good fit or grades are bad *and* there is no roster spot... But how often do you think a kid who gets cut transfers to another school so that he can play?  It would be a tough situation...  From the outside, it's clear that school ought to be the primary factor, but I know it's not so cut and dried for many.

A TON!!!