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Reply to "Recruitable as Two Way Player for Ivy ???"

Just to comment and add our experience and 2 cents FWIW...

- I believe Georgetown still STRONGLY recommends 3 SAT subject tests so not sure anything has been pared back.

- The Academic Index at the Ivies weights test scores more than GPA since schools and grades are so varied across our great nation.

- Most of the Ivies have 7 admission slots this year, with at least 1 having only 5.  Those are the guys getting admissions support and likely letters.  I do not agree with the above positional breakdown entirely, one can go on PG and see the current commits to most of these schools and see that the breakdown is different by school and by need.

- For P, velocity is still critical at Ivies; some of them won't look at someone under 90.

- Some have a few two way guys on their rosters, easily checked by looking at the rosters.  But they are few, and again it depends on the school.  High academic D3 seem to like the 2 ways guys a bit more in our experience.

- Be careful about taking the tests too many times.  Most Ivies ask for ALL scores to be sent.  They might consider the highest one but they see them all.  

- Also for the ACT, a 36 is extremely rare (I think it is like 1500 kids across the country with 3 million seniors).  That's why 33, 34, 35 and 36 composite scores are all 99th percentile.  Because so few kids get there.  Yale RC is on record as saying average score there is 31.  So you can do the math and know some kids are lower, some are higher.  Depends how much they want you as to how low.  I've seen a 26.