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Lefty pitchers that can get outs get innings in College ball. Your son is young. He's left handed and he can pitch. He'll find a school to play for. There is nothing to worry about here other than his health and his grades. 

Health, Arm care is the number one priority for any potential college pitcher. Velocity is a measuring stick used by RC's and pro ball scouts to sort recruits and it can become important to players ( and parents ) but sometimes there is a price to pay for throwing a baseball as hard as you can over and over and over again.

My son was a 2016 and played on one of Top travel teams in the Country ( #3 PG Rankings 2014 / 2015) and was recruited and offered before his Junior year of HS to a D1 school in the South as a LHP

Playing travel ball, doing PG events he was obsessed w/ velocity numbers. He topped 86 sat 83-84 but that wasn't enough in his estimation. FYI : 85 on the left side is plenty for any school if the kid has a + secondary pitch and can get outs.

He did Top Notch velocity programs. Weighted balls, etc. Started experiencing shoulder discomfort Summer before Senior year. Rested. Tried to ramp up again right before High school season, More shoulder pain. MRI , Torn labrum. Opted for Non-surgical treatment ( Didn't work )

Didn't pitch his senior year. Played as a position player ( He could always hit a little). Made 1st team all-league as a hitter also honorable mention all- State.

Did PRP treatment in Summer before college. No throw all summer. Went to College. More more shoulder pain. Surgery ( Red Shirt ) Freshman year. Problems w/ rehab. Didn't throw well ( playing catch ) until close to 18 months post surgery. Got on a mound at 20 months post surgery. Within a few weeks was locating and touching 87 mph. But the normal sort of shoulder muscle soreness freaked him out. Major surgery is a big deal. Major shoulder surgery for a baseball pitcher is a HUGE deal. Most don't pitch again. He could pitch but the surgery had changed him. It wasn't fun anymore.

He came home after red shirt sophomore year and decided to go JUCO as a hitter. He is currently playing at a Top Juco in Southern California and is ripping the ball. Leads the team in HR's, RBI, Slug% and the throw from CF is nice with plenty of Velo. Most importantly , he's healthy and HAPPY.

I say all this because it's odd reading these recruiting posts now. I was that guy.That Dad. That dad with the kid that was ' D1 Bound' . Best travel team, all the right events. Top Southern California HS team, SAT tutors ( He was an Ivy recruit) ,  Large American Express Bills and high expectations

But none of it worked out as planned. Not a damn thing.

But the kid is still playing.....and I'm still watching.



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