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[QUOTE]Originally posted by TRhit:

"I dont think that is what he is implying"

You're entitled to your opinion.

"I worked in the entertainment business as both an performer with and agent and then as a manager/agent for performers--- we had a special relationship in that we knew each other well, not buddy buddy, but could pick up the phone and talk when needed with full faith in each other."

Any time my clients need to talk to me they know they can reach me & they know that if they told me they had a problem as soon as they hang up the phone I'll be on it.

"As a coach I don't get a buddy buddy relatiuonship with my players and parents but we have that special relationship in most cases where they can pick up the phone and talk about whatever is on their mind"

Then you know that is something that grows over time & requires work from both sides. I've got the same thing with my clients.

"My relationships with my lawyers, doctors etc are not buddy buddy but they are such that if I call I know I will get a call back ASAP."

Same thing I have with my clients.

"If there is not that "special click" between the two parties then it will be tough to make the relationship work"

Don't know if I agree. Seen too many cases where professional relationships have worked without it.