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With that said, the average Agent with ANY kind of experience is probably at least 30+ y.o. Taking for granted that your kid is 18-21 y.o., what path should the "realtionship" take i.e. it seems CL & others are looking for a "buddy" type relationship. How many other 30+ y.o. "buddies" does your kid have?

Other professionals Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Investment Advisors etc. Do you expect them to be your kids' "buddy"? Isn't professional enough? If I want a buddy I'll go to the pound & get a dog. If I need a Dr., Lawyer etc. OR an Agent, give me the guy who's going to do the BEST job possible.

No, I'm not looking for a buddy/buddy relationship. I am looking for someone that has experience, and can advise him in what to expect at the various stages. I would expect him to be at least 30-35 +. I would hope that he has only one agent his entire (hopefully long and successful) career - that would mean we picked the right person. Giving advice to someone is a lot more than just getting them the most $.

The only point I was trying to make was that in order to give relevant advice, you need to know the person (ie. their strengths and weaknesses - personally and professionally), and that comes from building a relationship with them.

I am curious to know when you actually contact the players you are interested in representing, and how do you qualify them (ie. projected in top 5 rounds, top 7 rounds?). You said previously you don't see a lot of your clients play prior to signing them, so interested in your process.

Obviously, from your previous posts, you have been doing this for quite a while, so interested to know your thoughts on how you decide who you want to work for? What happens if you find out a highly rated player is a "nutcase", after you meet him? And, how do you compete with agents that are at the parks, watching the kids play?

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