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Reminder of HSBaseballWeb Manners and Mores

We moderators have held the reins with light hands lately, and it seems we're due for a reminder of how we want the message boards to be used.

HSBaseballWeb aspires to be a special place where people can share information and excitement about high school baseball and related subjects without being subjected to the harsh attacks prevalent elsewhere on the web.

Things we do want to see on our message boards:

--Frank exchanges in which differences of opinions are aired courteously and not taken personally.

--New members early in their kids' baseball journeys receiving helpful, encouraging advice from coaches, umpires, and parents who are a little further down the road.

--New members sticking around long enough to become experienced members who can share the wisdom they've acquired.

--Benevolent attitudes from members who are slow to take offense and quick to cut people slack.

--Posts from people sharing their love of baseball and their excitement at each milestone along their journey. 

Things we don't want to see on our message boards:

--Personal attacks on other members, especially blasting people who are new to the site.

--Cynical attacks on the motives of coaches, tournament or showcase sponsors, or other members.


--Arguments about religion or politics.

--Overly persistent arguments (if you're about to write a reply with  more than two embedded quotes, save yourself the trouble: nobody wants to read it).

Before you publish a post, please read it over and make sure it is consistent with the purpose and tone of this site.

Best wishes, 


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