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Research resources for College Pitching programs/coaches

I am working to help my son (2018 LHP) research different school's programs and pitching philosophies.  

I am not super versed and there may be very obvious places to go but I am really not seeing what were are looking for.  We get to the athletic sites, search some bio info on coaches and very rarely will find a good local article on the pitch coach or some extension of a low ERA school.

For instance - which programs are just looking for big and velo?  Say 6'5" FB 102mph?  For my son that would not be a fit and we'd want to cross them off the list. 

Right now he is an efficient contact pitcher with average game FB velo of 84 headed to 86-87 mis season (his coach says)...who knows.  He'd like to find a program that values a fast paced game with lots of defense involved including valuing an athletic pitcher who fields their position.  He knows he'll be giving up CF and OF for college but he'll miss it a lot.

Is there such a thing as "developmental" programs vs "highest level you'll play and compete and get a good education"?

I realize the questions likely seem disjointed but it seems to be hard to get a feel for the pitching philosophy without real personal and detailed contact and we get that locally but not East Coast or South East where he'd like to go. 

I am looking for internet resources with info if possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

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