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Reply to "Research resources for College Pitching programs/coaches"

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does it have to be D1? maybe if he played D3 he could pitch and Play the OF if he prefers that.

Thanks for the response. He is focused on his pitching but honestly I think the next 6 months will be telling.  His offense has always been productive but never a slugger which may also inform demand. He is a pretty simple young man and works hard.  He continues to say his only focus is to play at the most competitive level he is able.  Of course high MLB draft would be his preference but D1 or even JUCO to a path seems open to him.

We sat through an utterly depressing recruiting talk 2 years ago.  I came out depressed and he came out inspired to work harder...we shall see.



Here are a couple of things you need to consider in your search.

It doesn't matter how you feel about your sons ability, he needs an independent evaluation to see what direction to take. I am not talking about a camp, but rather a scouting service that compares, rates and ranks your son with other 2018s across the country.  What division would be a good fit. Perfect Game would be a good example.

Don't forget about how important grades are in the equation.

Keep in mind that most programs in the east and Southeast recruit players from the East and Southeast.  The power 5 conferences all over the country look for the best players, and realistically, while 102 mph would get you drafted pretty high, college players don't throw that hard, possibly one day, but more than likely not in college.

Why not start his search within his home State?  Will he be playing this summer for a good travel team?

There is one thing your son has that others don't, he is a lefty.  So he needs to work on being the best lefty pitcher he can be, competition is fierce these days.

FWIW, there are only a few pitching coaches that actually are heads above the rest, and of course they are employed by the best programs.

You and your son need to sit down and discuss a plan of action, there is plenty of info here to help, and follow the recruiting guidelines.


I have to say I am new to this board at least posting and I am so impressed with the level of detail and time taken in providing feedback. Thank you very much.

As a parent that will likely be paying for all or part of college my home state is where I'd like to see him but he has a pull to the east and southeast because his older sister lives in Virginia near DC and he had the opportunity to sit with a recent graduate of George Washington University that played all 4 years and take yoga instruction from his sister.  

Additionally he has traveled to FL a ton with his dad's family and really likes it there too...oh and how I raised a California born and raised Red Sox fan I'll never get.

He has played with and will continue to play with a very competitive summer program with travels to So California and Arizona yearly.  

It is just so much easier to work with local school and our coaches have the connections west coast too.  The east and southeast just seems very foreign...hence the research questions.  We know the coaches around here that won't take a second look at a kid who isn't 6'4"... and we know to cross them off but we also know the games being played talking to one kid to get to another on a roster that type of thing. Here we feel we know the layout and in the end my son wants to play at the  most competitive program he can.   His grades are fine and test scores will be too...from the reading I think he is just a stones throw below the Ivy so most other academics will be ok.

Thanks again for all the detail...I've gotten great perspective and really appreciate you taking the time.