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Response to the preliminary review of 3P Sports

The team at 3P Sports appreciates the feedback everyone has provided about our program. Feedback from members, players, parents and coaches is very valuable to us and we use this feedback to continuously improve our programs.

We would like to respond to some of points made to hopefully clarify some inaccuracies for the overall HS Baseball Web Audience.

For any pitcher that gets a biomechanical analysis, it is critical that the video is done from the proper angels and the camera is on a tripod. The biomechanical analysis is a sophisticated assessment of the pitcher’s delivery so it is critical that we receive a video up to our specifications. Based on our member suggestions, we now have on our webite a video by Rick Peterson that explains how to take the video. We strongly suggest all members follow these instructions.

We don’t recommend you take your own measurements for the biomechanical analysis. This analysis is a result of over 10 years of research by Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Glenn Fleisig and the staff at ASMI. 3P Sports have trained experts doing this analysis and unless you understand the important nuances of the measurements, there is a strong probability that errors will be made.

Again, based on member feedback, we have improved the integration of the biomechanical analysis with our pitching drills. Now when you review a specific measurement, you can watch a video of Rick Peterson explaining the measurement and well as review a list of drills that impact this measurement.

One point that was made was that the biomechanical analysis does not explain the cause of a “flaw” identified. Our philosophy for instruction is not to explain what causes flaws. Our approach is to execute the drills in the plan outlined and that will address all flaws. Rick Peterson has used this approach very successfully at the major league level and has proven that this is a more effective method of instruction.

Again, we thank CADad for his detailed review and feedback. Same to everyone else that provided insight. We look forward to your continued feedback as we pursue the goal of helping pitchers prevent injury while maximizing their performance.

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