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Errors in both horizontal and vertical movement have never been higher in the four years that Statcast has made some of its data publicly available. So it’s not just your imagination as you watch the game on TV: In-broadcast representations of the strike zone (like FoxTrax) take their data from Statcast, and Statcast’s errors, in turn, have bred anger with umpires and confusion over how pitches are being called. The root cause of Statcast’s troubles is unknown.

I think that's what the umps are using that as cover.  I didn't read anything that said errors in hor or vert. movement resulted in Statcast errors on the call.  The article didn't provide that.

Looking at the Boston U study of 4 million called pitches from 2008 to 2018, umpires were twice as likely to ring up a strike 3 on a true ball as any other count.  (15% to 30%).  That's too big of a difference with a very large sample size to be driven by the statcast side of the comparison.

Pitcherdad:  I love umpires!

Hitterdad:  Umpires suck! Bring on the robo umps!

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Most other publications think that robo ump would help pitchers more than hitters. Yes there are more false positive strikes than false negative balls but this is because far more pitches outside the zone are taken so there is a big bias. 

The zone in mlb actually shrinks in two strike counts and gets bigger in hitters counts. Contrary to popular wisdom umps don't love to ring guys up (or send them walking).